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Re: Coffee or tea?

Bear in mind that Coffee is basically "bean water". You know what else is beans? Baked beans. Imagine baked beans mixed with boiling water and turned into a drink. Mmmmmmm. And that's why Coffee is terrible and "leaf water" is better! Leaf water, eh? Know what else consists of l...

Re: Coffee or tea?

Tea for sure coffee taste like **** no idea why people drink it I must admit, coffee is an acquired taste (read "acquired addiction"). When I was a kid, I always saw my parents drinking it; used to ask for a sip ("mmm thats good" lie ), so reaching an age where I was allowed to ...

Re: Coffee or tea?

VenusKogut wrote:Any nightmares are totally harmless against covfefe...
And you know why does that work.
Because of the cavfefeine!
Covfefe rules!

I see what you did there.

Re: Videos

For PC, Windows Movie Maker (if it still exists) is basic but serviceable, and free! It's also quite simple to use.
Not sure what would be usable on mobile.

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