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Re: Oi vey...

I personally don't know how to deal with your babbling, some girls may find it cute. But I can give you an idea on how to get her to go out with you :) if she says no she will be at fault not you and some other girl might gladly go with you on hearing you got rejected. WARNING THIS MAY GET A BIT SP...

Re: A discussion about religion

Even if this religion has some things that are compete BS the people here are fantastic. Most of them are kind and loving to most . The reason I say most is because Mormons preach that you shouldn't judge people but then they hear me listen to a song by Bring Me The Horizon (Metal Band) and boom, I...

Re: Is it fun and worth it

Don't play, don't waste your life. You get hooked and then you waste 8 hours each day shoving your face into a screen... It gets worse. With no energy being spent, you can't sleep. So since you can't sleep you decide to play ch.

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