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World Cup

Everyone thought Brazil was gonna win the World Cup. I said no in the beginning. I call Argentina as the winner right now. As of now it is 0-5 before the half in the Germany Brazil game. Germany up.

Re: Question about outer space

The concept of infinite space can simply be related to the concept of constantly adding 1 on a number line. This being said, if the universe is ever expanding, then the universe could be called infinite based on the simple definition of infinity.

Scammer alert

Look out for this guy. And no this topic is not against the rules. The rules state you can't call someone a scammer. In this topic I'm proving it.

Re: Luckiest moment

Sold for 320k! Found out later someone else on the server was buying for 400 but yea it was fun. All the people that hated me started going heeeeyyyy man been a long time. It was actually pretty hilarious. :lol:

Re: Congrats

Congratulations!!! What exactly does a forum guide do? Is the job apart of the game or the forums? :)

Re: Luckiest moment

Aileron wrote:I camped the wyvern and the revenant for several weeks with no luck and I gave up.

Then a few weeks ago, after a couple of server resets, I'd visit the elder revenant and the ancient wyrm and both were up, then boom... 2x Royal Shadowstrike rings. 8-)

Pics or it didn't happen! :twisted:

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