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Re: Ranger Bows

I have a

Crafted War Bow of Fire
PD 31
Heat Damage 3
Attack 3300
Weight 14

I also have

Sturdy War Bow of Fire
PD 31
Heat 3
Attack 3400
Weight 17

Sturdy War bow of swiftness
PD 31
Speed 3238
Weight 16

Re: Ranger Bows

composite bow
Piercing 22
Attack 3165
weight 16
strength 10
class ranger

there is also a
Sturdy war bow
Piercing 29
attack 3400
weight 16
strength 20

I was just about to sell them but Ive picked them up in drops this week

Re: Rhiannon

There are lots of people over level 50 from what I see. I saw 1 level 60

Im a level 47 ranger :)

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