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Re: Coming to Rhiannon

LadyRosethorn wrote:
Apollo wrote:
LadyRosethorn wrote:
Lady, as soon as they have world transfers I'm coming over here, giving you a spanking, then "running" back

*bends over* :P paddle or bare handed? *wink*


Damn andi just spanked her yesterday with my pink paddle! She must like it :twisted:

Re: Hey Rhiannon! New suggestion.

There have been many times that I've rolled up on falgs just chillin at the portal. Unfortunately drags used to be a lot rarer than they are and many high level clans still have members that need. Nobody is sitting on a pile of them. (like we are crowns etc) That means when lower members of the clan...

Re: Your thoughts?

Never said he wasn't the real smokes. Smokes took over the lumi/rancid accts back before update 3 which is why those accts were booted from eve. I said in the past that when azure started playing that he was the real lumi and not smokes. I did not know that blastiose was smokes. I know u told me thi...

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