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Re: Best loot ever!!!!!!!!!!!

^ I agree with you, but as far as What i think of people. If you have been playing the game for less than a year, you are a noob to me. Sorry. Thats really the only thing. Its like a lack of experience rather than competence. But no, loco isnt a noob, just started over.

Re: Smooth move...

Well, it depends on who and how close you are to that real life person. I only trust my clan (based on its reputation and the integrity of its members) and i trust my family. This is only in terms of lending gear . I would be more than happy to help people with anything i able to do. And teach peopl...

Re: OTM interaction

Although Diaries have come into play it would also be nice if we had more interaction from OTM. Some ideas: -Polls(We have had them before and I thought those went well) -Responses to interesting feedback -Discussions with players on what they would like to see(goes along with polls) As a customer ...

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