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Re: Had enough.

Artisal wrote:
Chelseam2 wrote:This is like highschool all over again.

If i remember correctly. You told everyone your 16. So i don't think your out of high school.

Chelsea has multiple personalities remember? :lol:

Re: Need some true anime fans to help

Hey if you wanna really wanna know what happens after your latest episode, you can go to a manga website and read ahead. I don't watch the Naruto and Bleach anime anymore, I read the manga. Another anime I think is great is Fairy Tail. A friend of mine recommended this anime called Fate Stay Night a...

Re: Otm date format

America's different from most countries on a lot of things. Like using the customary units instead of metric and using Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. In almost all other countries, they do use the day, month, year format.

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