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Re: A discussion about religion

tgwaste wrote:
anglzfury wrote:Can explain explain to me how disproving evolution automatically proves the existence of a deity? I never understood that.

It doesnt and vice versa

Yeah I agree. But you can't exactly disprove a deity because it's a matter of faith and belief. You can argue against evolution though.

Re: A discussion about religion

I have a question. What makes one religion superior or more true than another? A person with one religion believes someone with another religion's belief is false. That person believes the first person is incorrect. Is one person less sincere than the other? Everyone is 100% sure their faith is true...

Re: Any lucid dreamer here?

Dude I think I had a lucid dream one night. I was hovering in space and Steve Jobs was talking to me. Then I realized I was dreaming and I started to swim in space...Breaststroke to be exact... So I swam for like 10 seconds (idk why I didn't make some attractive females appear) then I woke up. A cou...

Re: hey guys

Alphachicken wrote:Sup I remember ya haha

No "turn back before it's too late!!!" post from you? :)

Re: Need some help

Rupture is really good, but I think you should keep your sword. You don't need that much focus. And maybe you redistribute some of your strength points into vitality. But you may be DPS so that's not necessary. Your stats may look something like this Strength 200 (275) Dexterity 50 Focus 15 Vitality...

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