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Re: Online rankings order?

Ok guys listen up a few people have posted it and you have ignored it. IT IS! How long you have played the character created first gets put to the top This means if you was a level 200 for 3 months but i created my chacacter 1 day before yours and then i hit 200 i would be instantly ahead of you. Fa...

Re: Attempt on Hrungnir

To be honest from what i saw he was far to easy to kill. You used alot of pots and idols but the tactic was terriable you wa potting and idoling so stupidly it was crazy and you didnt deserve to kill. You did have full clan there but you managed to get to 30% while potting and idoling like crazy and...

Re: Mage survive ability

Just saying i crease mages surviv ability. Wear a friggin shiled. Boom thread over. So next time rogues complain about energy costs, the best solution would be to get the idol of sorcery and other energy regen gear in place of dps gear... What logic is this? I have all regen gear and i still need p...

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