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New ice damage spell?

I like all the new variety of spells the Mage has from the update. It really does give you an opportunity to alter your build based on your preference. One suggestion is to add 1 new ice damage spell or remove firestorm into an ice based spell. The Mage can then decide whether to be an ice or fire M...

Re: On mages and energy issues

I have a lvl 120 plus Mage and have a few suggestions: 1a) Change the cool down time and conversion rate of sacrifice. Eg 50 hp for 300 energy & increasing the cool down time so it's not too op 1b) same as above and make sure sacrifice come only from hp not from energy shield etc 2) reduce the e...

Re: Patch Due Tomorrow

Can you release the price range of how much the carpets costs? Need to know how much gold to save.


Ps. Am glad you released all the new items from scavenger at once. Let's the buyer know what items can be purchased all at once.

Mage v golems 3s

Hi admin and greater CH community. I'm a lvl 119 Mage and can't seem to find a build which can defeat a 3s lvl 120 iron golem by myself. My equip is either meteor/diamond/glacial. I've played around wiTh my abilities a few times but am not sure whether the golems resistance to fire and ice may be to...

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