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Re: Global Auction House

Soccer wrote:+1

Would help a lot of the smaller economies and breath new life into the game. Would also allow a global area to actually serve a purpose.

Exactly my point. What is the point of getting a dragon egg, or seed if you can't sell it?

Re: Global Auction House

Yeahh.. pretty dumb idea to add a global auction house, for starters it would mess up every servers economy, it would also allow those who sell clan drops to basically sell them to all servers, along with that it would benefit scammers a lot more as once they scam on one world they can transfer the...

Re: Global Auction House

You know, put a piece of my gear up there for super cheap and hope no one sees it before I hop over and buy it on my toon on a different server. Well that is kind of abusing the system. However, there would be tariffs in place to make it a little harder for that to happen I feel like. I know a glob...

Global Auction House

I would like to say that the auction house would be better if all servers were involved in just one global auction house. I know one of the cool things about CH is that each server is treated as its own world. However, with some of the items in the chests being set to extremely rare rates, it's hard...

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