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buying following items:

dagger of celerity (any type)

lvl 150 startstone or anni ammy

energy regen brace (lvl 150 preferably)


post here or pm here or IG



Re: who does still play?

No because the darkflame was on my brothers account rangerlord11, when i got back after the hack my brother quited because his device couldn't handle ch anymore. so i transfeder it to my account. than i went to Italy for 2 weeks, when i logged in one of the last days there i found all my stuff missi...

Re: who does still play?

sadly true story :/, only the second time i got hacked i don't know who and how... only got a confirmation onto which account the items were stored, lost full darkflame and some other rares <hich i don't know if they showed up yet since i havnt been able to log in...

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