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Re: Changing Names

Name change is one of the most requested features from our players for quite some time. We know that players (and scammers alike) want to change their name from time to time and it's something we have considered in the past, but isn't something we can offer right now and that hasn't stopped me from ...

Re: Chest Sale

Hi Dgoodno,

We did have a Double Platinum sale during Black Friday, but also a second one during Christmas!

Right now I don't have any information about when the next sale is, but the Announcements section is the place to look when we do!

Re: Spirit Pets?

Spirit Pets is an interesting idea, but not something the team is considering at the moment.

Personally, I do think it is more rewarding to add more variety in pets (like the Owl, my favorite animal) or snake. I am always a fan of specialization and making each character unique.

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