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Re: The quest for the helm - journal entry

Excellent post Sweefish, I enjoyed reading that! Looking forward to further entries. I'm hoping for less entries and more helms... Nice to see that someone is enjoying the RNG's :roll: or maybe they are just enjoying our reactions to them :-| This post isn't meant to be hostile to you Difinitus, bu...

Re: Mail glitch?

Missing Mail? Did the pigeon never make it to it's destination? Let our Support Team know! We have excellent pigeon trackers to locate and return said pigeon to it's rightful destination. *side note: I'll keep track of this "glitch" internally and see if we can't locate the problem from ou...

Re: Next Boss

Just adding my own idea to the mix:

Crom World Boss where it isn't locked to one party but grants rewards based on participation/damage? That would mean that more people could participate and force clans to work together!

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