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Re: No answer from support

Not sure who you are are PMing, since a lot of staff have forum accounts, but very few handle support related issues. Without knowing when you sent your email, it takes several days to get a response from our small team. You can always PM me if you have any issues, but I can't help you skip the queu...

Re: Event

We're unable to host a Halloween event this year due to our focus on Unity Update. We understand how seasonal events like these are important to the Community, so we'll make sure the next one is extra special ;).

Locking thread.

Re: Oldschool RuneScape

Seen this on the App Store today, didn't really bother downloadin it it looks like it's something I wun really enjoy. Is this the kinda game new gamers can get into or is it more for the older gamers looking for a bit of nostalgia? It's the graphics I dun like but then again ff7 use to be my fav ga...

Re: Remember the good old days

Locking post as it has been stated a few times already about why we were not able to create a new Halloween event this year. We're unable to update the client until (Halloween event) until we upgrade to Unity 2018. I did try and push for something, albeit small, but that would take focus away from t...

Unity 2018 Beta Information

Hello Heroes, The Unity 2018 Beta will begin on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 (Around 9PM PDT). Those who signed up for the beta will receive an email very soon with instructions on how to download the new client. You will create new characters on either of the two beta servers, so we encourage to play...

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