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Re: Dino Event

Please always remember to be civil and to not direct your replies towards an individual and only the the topic of discussion. I see a lot of gate-keeping and making up of superficial rules to dismiss opinions because they differ from other's. Everyone has the right to comment and participate in thes...

Re: Need help to reset Frozen Quest. Non response from support

Hello, I am sorry to read that your friend is not receiving assistance with their issue regarding DL quest chain. However, I do not believe that they have received no reply for weeks with no response from our team. Also, please do not create posts regarding Support Issues as this is against our Foru...

Re: League of legends

Here in Thailand, League of Legends is overshadowed by the mobile moba 'ROV' (known as Arena of Valor in the U.S.), so even in low-tier casual games there are long queue times. Additionally, the ping while playing in Western regions makes it not very enjoyable either :/. Looking forward to their mob...

Re: Epona

xSTALKERx wrote:What are the requirements for 180 boss rings?

Looks like this is an outdated thread and your quest is un-related to the topic.

Best to start a brand new topic for players to see regarding your question on the 180 boss rings!

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