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Re: Update issue

The Android update is now available in the Play Store.

If you are having issues downloading the newest version of Celtic Heroes, please clear the Play Store's cache in your settings and restart your device.

Thank you for your patience.

Re: Server Maintenance - Wednesday, November 4th, 2020.

Hello Heroes, We are pushing back the maintenance back 24 hours due to a critical bug with the Android version of the game. Currently in our internal server, Android is unable to log into the game. If we update the game as scheduled, only iOS users would be able to log into Celtic Heroes, and it wou...

[Completed] Server Maintenance - Wednesday, November 4th, 2020.

Hello Heroes, [UPDATE] Servers are online. Please ensure you have the latest version of Celtic Heroes from the App Store. The servers will be offline for maintenance and a game update at the following times: Wednesday, November 4th, 2020. ⋅ 12:00 AM PST ⋅ 02:00 AM CST ⋅ ...

The Blood Moon Overlord Rises!

Hello Heroes, During this time of year when the boundaries of this realm and the Otherworld are so thin, unnatural things can occur. Magic Phylacteries have once again appeared in the Global Arena... but Bheara the Witch is nowhere to be found. Left unguarded, the dark energy from the Phylacteries h...

Latest News

Hey all, As you know, a shift in priorities prevented us from releasing the proposed update in July like we originally wanted. Right now the dev team is determining which if the planned content will be finalized and released instead of waiting for everything to be completed. This also includes Samha...

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