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how to get from 181-191

How to do this as a druid within a week effectively?
Im seeing rouges do it in a few days but everytime I try n lvl I get like 3-4% per lix and thts just garbage im 181 now I just want to be 191

Re: What is rosmerta like?

This server is competitive as HELL, if you dislike stress and ks uncomonly then dont join. Nice people, nice clans, tons of help avalable. A decent ammt of scammers, nothing like rhiannon tho. Decent eco. Not competitive anymore it's more chill and boring I havent been ksed once or for tht mater ha...

Re: Bitter sweet

This is maybe wrong...idk...but all of these problems seem to boil down to communcation...different time zones...trying to communicate complex idea via clan chat and groups...which does not work too few people using TS (I know I never used it much). its sad. Also shocking as it was over before I ha...

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