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Re: Holiday Spices

Mdunc1982 wrote:
Difinitus wrote:We'll add it in with the reset tonight.

Where are the spices at? I checked tavern, castle, and one of lir vendors. I see no holiday spices at any of those vendors

Try the same vendor that sold em last year? Saw this post and went and looked. Just bought 2000

Re: Monthly Membership ideas?

Then it's already p2w by that definition. The extra xp wouldn't really add to much as the person with the xp would get to level 220 10% faster over someone not a subscriber which would hardly be game breaking and can already be that way if one player is having to spend their time farming for gold t...

Re: Alphonso or Similar Software

It aint ch listening. I sat down oneday and said "oh my knee" i still get ads for joint pain after that. My phone was in my pocket with nothing running. Spent too much time in the bike section last year while xmas shopping. I was alone and never said a word. I was inundated with bicycle ad...

Re: Demonheart items in chests

Why is it still in the chests? It had its own special demonheart chest, mixed in with the oni chest and now with the jester ones too. It should be considered aeon by now with its barding removed too. Please don't just reuse the old chest, chuck in some pretty new items and give them back to us with...

Re: Vendor non functional?

Noticed after this "Maintenance" the Lost Time Trader in Dunskeig isnt working, just says loading, not sure if he closed up shop or broke, anyone else not able to access? Could just be my toon ik alot of people are having isolated toon troubles. It works for me. Go buy that crap outa ther...

Re: Servers with lag so bad in CG

Carrow is this bad also. Most players in my clan can't even get to 180 or the mordy pit without many freezes, and once someone dies most everyone in the group is frozen for so long the fight is over before we recover. I had to re-log 3 times just to get from 180 to 170 and never made it. I gave up ...

Re: Cool add ons

Schwing wrote:
paggasquid wrote:What’s next? Demon mounts which require 4 spirit mounts.

Excellent suggestion! I’ll add it to our “things to do” list!

I think we need an update on what exactly that list consists of. Patience wears thin and things keep getting worse

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