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Re: Your New Best Friend: Design A Pet Contest

This entry comes from a brother sister cross worlds fingal danu Hammy Harmon collaboration! We thought about what the game was lacking so far and that’s when we came up with a cooking pet and you may ask “what’s the point in a cooking pet?” Well more mastery is the point so peoples can get their ba...

Re: Massive Lag discussion

All of the above and then some. Freezing upon (before) death for 5ish seconds before finally ending up on the floor. Stonevale pretty much everything vanishes and you can't move or use any ley. Only fix is to log out. The only bug i haven't seen since things were "fixed" is falling off the...

Re: App Not Available

Dang, guess Apple was tired of VR :lol: its because of those undisclosed loot box rates ;) whatever it is i'm sure it will get fixed soon (at least I hope it will be). from what i've seen this is an apple only thing, I downloaded CH on an android emulator the other night. https://i.postimg.cc/Bn3yh...

Re: Future Updates

mckenna wrote:Dear VR,

Now that Unity update is done, when do you think you can post in the forum when is the next update planned for and what you are considering including ?

Many thanks

They still have some kinks to iron out imo but it is getting better.

Re: CG oh T8vsT10

It's a single hit divine damage skill that does around 3k damage. And sometimes hits instantly and sometimes after 1 or even 2 more skills are cast. Sometimes it hits for over 3k dmg. Every other offy lists actual stats instead of leaving us to guess or go to forums and let someone equally uninform...

Re: CG oh T8vsT10

Zyz wrote:
Sgt slotter wrote:
Zyz wrote:
Then we should go back to letting the dl rondel be able to overspite the edl rondel to make it fair for those clans that can't kill unox.

I'll grab ep and hagen, 3 warriors that have no clue what their offy does but outlocking rogues all day errday lol

It does stuff. Duh


Re: CG oh T8vsT10

Rogue T8 oh shouldn’t be able to over cast a t9 or t10 oh of the same kind. I think it’s a waste of seed(s) if they can which atm they do. T10 does more dmg then t8 and when ur killing a boss u wanna kill fast. Pls fix this This change would kill competition on servers where only one clan can kill ...

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