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Re: CG oh T8vsT10

Any way warriors could at least get a skill description with our offy? Offhand Axe: https://i.postimg.cc/6qVVphK0/Screenshot-20190105-131501-Celtic-Heroes.jpg Offhand Shield: https://i.postimg.cc/LsZ1sVB1/Screenshot-20190105-131445-Celtic-Heroes.jpg I have both lol can you explain in detail what th...

Re: Laggy after reset

Taranis is laggy after the most recent reset. Can it get another or a fix please? Fingal also before and after. Freezing upon death, frame rates choppy, swaps hardly working, dmg lagging, falling through floors, buffs disappearing, Resto takes 2-3 seconds to work or doesn't work at all but resto lo...

Re: Holiday Spices

Where are the spices at? I checked tavern, castle, and one of lir vendors. I see no holiday spices at any of those vendors Try the same vendor that sold em last year? Saw this post and went and looked. Just bought 2000 Last year there were multiple vendors. I found them at lirs pier. Really? I don'...

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