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Re: Locker ranger for DL

I assume this is also in tandem with other characters and to be used as a utility player as well? Else, ranger locker is not going to be close to the burst DPS of a rogue locker. Sharp shot Double shot Sharpen Weapons Steady Aim Bolas (I assume this is the point of your ranger) Entangle (Save the Ro...

Re: Luxury pets

As much as I’d love to be able to move my luxury pets around and redistribute eggs, I doubt they will want refunds available on jackpot tier chest items.

Keeping the need for constant consumption of chests, for constant supply of power to the servers.

Re: Global Tavern

Clan gear is a myth. You earn your gear and you can keep it when you leave. Clan owned may be a little misnomer. Clan obtained. Most wont let you sell clan obtained gear. If it’s worth being in that clan, then you don’t sell or risk.. not being in that clan. You could leave and sell, but chances ar...

Re: Update

celtic hero/amp 18 wrote:So hey gonna start this off by saying thanks to legolas1234 for sticking up for me and as far as lucerian goes you can take a hike buddy ( hopefully off a cliff )

I don’t know who that Lucerian guy is, but I hope he’s okay.

Re: Update

So I'm wandering will the people who used the gold i.e. myself be banned permanently? I bought a decent amount of stuff and mounts with it including lux which I sent to my pvp toon to use. As of rn it says my account is banned because of breaking the rules. Id like to know if I will be allowed back...

Re: Would you start a new clan or join a small clan to compete with endgame clans?

Instead of making clans fight each other for bosses when there is a massive size difference, let there be a natural progression. Same way aggy is now irrelevant, there needs to be bosses implemented to make hrung and necro irrelevant, so smaller clans can kill them without competition. BT kind of d...

Re: Global Auction House

I agree. It wouldnt be fair to the players and clans who have spent years of they’re lives establishing them and working hard to make they’re systems ripped from them bc some ppl from another server came along and decided hey this place is pretty easy, lets take it over for ourselve As for the glob...

Re: Update

This is yet another good example of why a global AH or castle trading would be catastrophic. If players on Nuada for example had infinite gold and they had the ability to buy from other servers. It would be utter chaos for the support team. All the servers would lose their economy and every server ...

Re: Global Auction House

We had a season of comp last year that was ridiculous. It was fairly civil, but it was 24/7 for about 90+ days. Ultimately, the losing clan folded. And when they couldn’t do anything else, about 20 characters were sold and those individuals left everything, got rid of everything. It basically was t...

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