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Gz guys, knew the dragon would be killed first day :D

How did you guys get pass the 5*s adds?

By the picture, it looks like you guys dragged the dragon North-East ish.

Did that allow you to offtank the 5*s adds and detonate them away from everyone? Or did you guys kill them?

Re: Global Castle feedback

Honestly, I haven’t taken the time to read the 12 pages of feedback but I’ll post my thoughts on it. Pros 1) Keeping relationships to other servers When I was in Castle, it was reaching around 200 toons all in one area. Players are able to easily meet up with people from other servers (not many went...

Re: New skills + buffs

I would love to see the lowest used skills be completely revamped to compete with the most used skills. It adds a ton of diversity to the gameplay and gives more freedom when choosing skills, rather than a certain set of skills being the best overall.

Re: EDL Drops Buff

Until VR creates a new armor set above EDL with new armor dropping bosses (DG is not really an “upgrade” and stands as a overpowered alternative to EDL) there isn’t much necessity for an EDL drop buff upgrade. With Frozen bosses, there were huge bottle necks for frozen (Grom and Pyrus Time was 2:55,...

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