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Re: Samhain is arriving!

Disappointing it's just another retexture, at least it doesn't look awful. and certainly has more effort put into it than all the designs in the dino expansion. Have VR actually added any new art assets other than 3-4 fashion sets? Is the entire art team working on warhammer odyssey? Or will questio...

Re: Lets talk about the Dino raid

So we just killed Dino. It wasn’t fun at all. Not gonna get into details on forums but everyone knows how its done by now. Nerf the entire raid a bit, and fix that bug because it’s clearly not possible to kill dino the “legit” way. Also increase the drops from 3 to 4 or 5 as a compensation. The bos...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

The developers have never actually played at an endgame level. Of course they don't understand it's too much for 95% of clans. That and they probably just can't be bothered to put an update out for it(if it even would require one)

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

You had an extremely good point about the Phoenix. I remember while while back OTM removed shrink and growth charms // ghost charms and crookback charms because they were childish and didn’t fit where the game was heading and then we get this extremely bright very cartoonish looking pets and mounts...

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