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Re: Transfering to gwyd

I see. Okay so it isn’t a transfer ..I thought maybe this was a sanctioned...ignored by OTM .....by player base account swap. This is a restart.

Thank you for taking the time to set me straight.

Re: Transfering to gwyd

Sorry highjack inc

How do I get a “by another player” ...server transfer?
I give my account for an account of the same lvl..tradeskill...equipment...etc on a different server?

If someone could explain ths t me please.

Re: Contest Prizing!

I appreciate the effort to clarify the reward and engaging the player base... I like the dragon egg...rare pet idea. The chests...can the chests be replaced with the fashion set of their choice or a mount? As for C ....the competition winners from the last three have these colors. As unpopular as it...

Re: Hey You Guys! (New Trailer)

I like both videos. 2 questions Can we link those videos? The chicken video contest..is that a real thing? With a chicken helmet in the fashion slot as a reward? A purple flamed chicken hat....with a wield able long razor beaked chicken equitable in the fashion weapon slot? Say yes...just say yes. O...

Re: EDL boss timers

I am 100% for complete removal of 4 stars in this game. I am also for reduced timers and increased drop rates. Not so much so that it becomes trivial..but more in my case as may be with others..that I am having to play catch up...in a smaller guild. These are farmed for alts by the bigger guilds...s...

Re: A new boss invaded epona!

Shivahh wrote:
Shadae wrote:Oh! What was the lvl and drops, please?

Major Flawlessbound Chicken Helmet of the Titan
+200 Armour
+300 Heat damage
+15% overall damage
Movement speed reduced by 15%
Doesn't cancel Doch Gul Aura
+90% growth
Level req 237

All I need to know is what color is the chicken head..picture plz!

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