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Re: Next Dragon Event

I wouldn’t change a thing...I absolutely loved it. Having those dragons spawn in close proximity to adds and eachother was exciting. It took thought and skill to try and navigate the adds and the dropped adds as a small guild. Would absolutely do it again! Thank you for hosting it! Looking forward t...

Re: Admin

What is F and S? I was hoping for a system that allowed the player base to ....maneuver in a way that got the devs to change...or implement things. Like buff duration...etc..I could go on..but if it is a dead end street...pointless. I would love to see a majority petition system between the player b...


Can someone please explain to me ...what exactly becomes of a petition? I understand that it has to be a topic discussed previously. I understand I have to show both sides. I also, understand that I need support for the petition and all the more...the better. What I don’t understand is what happens ...

Re: Dragon Alert!!

Oh, dragons!

Please make Morris weak to Shadae proximity. Thank you!

Have you all thought about doing those long year quests...where if someone participates in all the seasonal events they can collect a substantial reward at the end? Like a flying dragon :)

Re: Restart

Hiya Theresa! Super glad you are thinking about coming along to Gwyd, its a really nice server in general, obviously all servers have their pros and cons! It is a very different environment to Arawn and although there may be some history between a couple of the clans all the people are kind and frie...


Hi, I am looking for an end game minded guild. I would really like one that will consider sponsoring me. I have read the forums on most servers. I am very interested in competitive gaming environments. I am capable of dual boxing. I do not plan on transferring any items, gold or plat. I have the lux...

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