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Re: Clan Video

Bravo! Well done indeed. Love the standards expressed!

So, how much to come over and do a recruitment video for me? I asked someone, but sadly they quit the game. I have some fish and baked goods!

Carry on

Re: Tickets response time

For me...I don’t have a problem with response times. I know they are busy. They also are really efficient at solving technical issues and retrieving passwords. I have a problem in regards to the non technical responses. However, if there is only one person answering 200 customer inquiries a day........


There is a music man who smells like Lemons and he knows every ESCape route in the joint. If you can identify this player I will gift you something purely dependent on the server you are located on.

Thanks ...all the best.

Re: Admin

The way I would set up petitions is like this. I would take feedback and suggestion threads that have been discussed with the team. We'd pick like 6 changes and give a description of how we would implement the change. Then, we would use that section to poll the suggestions for an actionable and fea...

Re: Admin

Currently, there is nothing that comes from petitions. That whole system needs to be reworked. It wasn't documented what the original purpose was for that section of the forums. Sorry didn’t want to start an entire new thread..just to satisfy my curiosity. Did you all move/update/ to the new engine...

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