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Re: Recruitment

Dark Kitty wrote:Yes sorry but that's spam. We don't need duplicate topics for all worlds. Just one in discussion will suffice.

That would be great..could you move it back to general discussion?

Thank you much


I seem to have hit a snag. I was trying to post a recruitment per world. I hit a resource limit. I was hoping someone could help me and just copy it for me? Also...while I have you here..could you all post on Facebook and Twitter a small excerpt? We are really trying to reach endgame and we have man...

Arawn Recruitment (Colours)

Colours Recruitment Hi! Colours on the server Arawn is currently opening up their doors to a select few. We are a family guild that likes to boss. We demand a high quality of character from our members. We maintain an easy going and pleasant gaming environment. We also tend to share our lives in sup...

Re: looking for help or advice

Hi. I don’t play a warrior. I just didn’t want you to feel like you were being ignored. If you see any Warrior from Colours on or any member of Colours for that matter just holler at us we will try and help where and when we can. You might want to have a peek at the warrior section of these forums a...

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