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Re: Stats

strenght 220
dex 5
focus 70
vitality 220

at up 5 point on strenght 1 lvl and 5 point on health 1 lvl ...

grasping roots

hey guys :) I need to know wich skill upgrade ? i have full : -lighning - vines - nature touch - natural embrance and now i dont know if i up roots, bark or abundance i want the grasping roots but i dont know if this power is good at 15/15 ( i want use it on lvl 70-80-85-90 if possible for boss plz ...

Re: Druids unneeded? (discussion)

i m totally dont agree In epona , i have create a warrior tank lvl 82 actually ( i have good stuff : heroic rejuv,gloves and bodkin of health ) with this stuff i just can join half of the boss fight and i havnt a bad reputation . so i have create a druid ... at lvl 39 : first boss fight : fellfire !...

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