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Re: Cross Platform Live Shortly! New World! New Chest!

People are acting like these chests are gna be the death of them. Chill out. Do you guys realise how many events there were? There are probably thousands of random fashion items. Sunlit. Lanrik. Hunter. Ardmair. Frostguard. Spidersilk. Glenmor. Auroral. Highlander. Dark Rider. Charm set 1 (picts an...

Re: Druid tanking

TheLordOfDiablos wrote:I'm not an expert at this, but would using calm on the dps work? it might be worth a shot :lol:

then boss ll go to the 2nd best dps etc

Re: what is the Best server in IOS

Probably should've named this thread 'best server for me', very subjective topic. Epona ticks all of the boxes except the third one down, which I'm guessing is targeted at epona... I have no clue why people think players have to buy plat to play here, one of the best dps on the server isn't especia...

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