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Xfer from lir

Good rangers gear including valour ammy reaper ring dark moon helm

Good druid gear include corruption rings imp godly shadow ls skull imp spider charm and bulk lixes

Re: Mail glitch?

So I sent mail with a message to the account to who I believe I sent the items to. His mail box is glitched no mails come through. Had some friends mail my account and none of their mails came through.

Re: Mail glitch?

Reply from support
Items sent to inactive players will be sent to mail after 30 days.
Items cant be retrieved.

1. I sent the mail to other account of mine
2. Stuffs as good as gone.
3. Farewell ch
4. I miss otm

Re: Mail glitch?

I had a reply back saying wait 30 days and may get items back if players inactive.
Even thought I sent it to my other account. And items cant be retrieved.

Farewell ch its been a 'ok' couple years.

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