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Re: Against the dominance

Evil? Dude we aren’t skinning puppies here, it’s a game.

There’s no point in going around in circles here. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you don’t even play 90% of content in the game and your motive is only to line your own pockets. Thank you, next.

Re: Against the dominance

You are assuming that every group that fights to power does so for the right reasons. There has been plenty of cases in history and in game where this is not the case. They are not immune to being evil you know, and even using evil tactics against evil people can be a morally good thing. Note the r...

Re: Against the dominance

If the dom clan is withholding drops from the rest of the world and preventing perfectly good people from being able to enjoy the game, then yes, they do deserve it. There are a good amount of dom clans that just cut off invites when they have enough people, or exile others just out of dislike for ...

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

I have some sympathy as when we were the underdog clan fighting dg people we had the exact same issues. But as frustrating and stressful these lock battles can be, especially gele with crystals up and shield, it really is fair game until it’s locked. I’d be wary of calling them out too much since if...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

Ppl xfer to epona not necessarily due to the system but the fact the devs are hardcore pushing this game to be zero clans everyone cooperates tralalalalala happy ever after, because the game loses far more endgame players than it gains and most servers wont change it to co-op just cus thats what de...

Re: 200 fishing fashion

I have the competition fashion (its almost TOO sparkly) but I think the 200 fishing actually looks pretty good. I have been lazy on grinding the last 10 levels but we have 1 200 fashion on Lugh (Healiou) and I kinda like the radiant effect personally. lol I love your sparkly fashion, can never mist...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

True to a point I guess yea, it depends on your server and your clan. Our clan has a clan-wide vote on new members. So someone can be vetoed before they even get through the door. If someone comes in who is an ass they can be kicked and you never have to boss with them again.

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