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Re: harassment

To clear this up, this kid, obviously hiding behind an alt, went out of his way to seek out MrDredd and start trolling looking for a reaction. It's now obvious that he did this simply so he could post it on the forum. A cynic would say his own account got banned recently so he's trying to get others...

Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

I am MrsDredd, resident noob of the mighty Alliance. I've been playing for 4 weeks, am level 164 and am already hopelessly addicted to fashion. MrDredd and I found CH through Googling best mobile MMORPGs after tiring of the godawful money-grabbing in another game we had played for a couple years. Th...

Re: The new Aeon Chests

I opened quite a lot of the chests. I got a 85% hog, some rare fashion (e.g. stardust black Glenmor gloves, snowbound yellow frostguard boots, sunbound turq ardmair mask etc) and a load of those seemingly useless instruments and ugly ass charms. I'm a noob, I've been playing this game 1.5 weeks so I...

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