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Re: Is Lugh Active?

Mizza, you don’t even play anymore and haven’t done for some months. It’s weird hanging around the forum throwing shade on Lugh. Lugh is doing just fine, there are two active clans, one endgame (all raids except Dino killed) and one which is an active starter clan able to offer competition at Sreng ...


Yes thank you, we had contacted Difinitus through pm to update him the situation is resolved. Absolutely mind boggling there is no support over the weekend however for a game which is played 24/7. I’m not the first to say it I’m sure I won’t be the last. Not expecting a full team but one person with...

Re: Against the dominance

Evil? Dude we aren’t skinning puppies here, it’s a game.

There’s no point in going around in circles here. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you don’t even play 90% of content in the game and your motive is only to line your own pockets. Thank you, next.

Re: Against the dominance

You are assuming that every group that fights to power does so for the right reasons. There has been plenty of cases in history and in game where this is not the case. They are not immune to being evil you know, and even using evil tactics against evil people can be a morally good thing. Note the r...

Re: Against the dominance

If the dom clan is withholding drops from the rest of the world and preventing perfectly good people from being able to enjoy the game, then yes, they do deserve it. There are a good amount of dom clans that just cut off invites when they have enough people, or exile others just out of dislike for ...

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

I have some sympathy as when we were the underdog clan fighting dg people we had the exact same issues. But as frustrating and stressful these lock battles can be, especially gele with crystals up and shield, it really is fair game until it’s locked. I’d be wary of calling them out too much since if...

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