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Re: Dino since last patch

Ok I’ll take that as a no :D So ... while I appreciate VR have listened to requests to have a boss which requires more thought, I do think Dino needs to be reassessed. It isn’t fun dying over and over and over again. The Aoe combined with orbs and exploding mobs, the fact they’re so long range/don’t...

Re: Global Castle feedback

If it is kept, perhaps the bounty board glads etc could be moved to somewhere in Lirs (maybe Highshore?) as this will have the added advantage of new players seeing a lot of endgame players, potentially making the game more promising for them at an early stage, minus the chaos of the new castle.

Re: Favorite fash

My favorite set is white sunbound ard with radiant white ostara wig. For mixed set, white sunlit top, gloves boots with radiant white wyldwood legs, white Yule crown. I love Frostguard on guys, not so much on girl toons. My husbands ice mage has blue snowy frostguard with frosty blue midwinter hat a...

Re: Log in issues

Same issue on all devices, both data and WiFi. Managed to log immediately on but when I logged off got spinning connecting icon then back to login page. Force closing doesn’t help. Did come back of its own accord eventually

Re: Tokens

Can’t +1 this enough!!!

Brilliant idea and would definitely entice me to buy more chests. Opened 175 yesterday and got 3 mount tokens. All tokens under purple will be dropped as usual. Such a waste.

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