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Re: New clan on Gwydion

What about new players in general? Do you have an idea why they essentially have a lvl 200 recruiting cap? Prae was about right. There are a few reasons really, firstly, we have a pretty tight knit clan and we aren't looking to have a massive influx of people to become some great behemoth. A lot of...

Re: New skills + buffs

I would love to see the lowest used skills be completely revamped to compete with the most used skills. It adds a ton of diversity to the gameplay and gives more freedom when choosing skills, rather than a certain set of skills being the best overall. Mm this would be fun, bring all the hundreds of...

Re: New clan on Gwydion

Yeah boys get off our thread! :D ;) For reals though, if anyone is lurking in the forum's being like mm maybe I'm a little bit bored of my server, wonder what's up in Gwyd... You are totally welcome to get in touch, can tell you all about Divergent... or Relentless if you're that way inclined :shoc...

Re: hero transfer

+1000 transferring servers would be excellent, I think a load of people who have retired toons because they lost out to a dom clan would still be around if this was possible. The rest of it people will work out, it's super common in other MMOs so the arguments don't really have any grounding.

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