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Re: Global Auction House

The balance between number of people you compete with on a server and the benefit you get from having a large player base is important, as soon as you open the economies of active servers to inactive servers then you end up with people who will be net gainers and those who are net losers. People don...

Re: Global Auction House

So against this idea. It will break every economy, free servers will be devastated. @prae as much as you say Eponas ah is full of junk it is one of the few that has circa 40-50 pages of sales at any one time, the only other I have seen is Tara. It would make zero sense to mix a DKP server where sell...

Re: Gwydion


Cheeky monkey :lol:

Send me a mail ig when you start out and I will send you a few things to get you going

Re: Gwydion

Where I said hp's are 4k that was clearly a lie and was supposed to be xp's.... We aren't just super into health lixes on Gwyd *P.s. tysm for the thank you but next time you can spell my toons name right if you like :D however if I ever come up with a brand of slushie or snow cone pretty sure it's g...

Re: Gwydion

Thanks eurydice for the information :) i am a plat buyer indeed any idea on chests? planning on getting some thursday so it would be great to know before then Mm circa 35k probably. If you sell on the ah in secret you might get a bit more but in buy sell people would probably call you out. Edit: we...

Re: Gwydion

Gwyd kind of fluctuates, there is one end game clan (Relentless) who have been dom for several years now, they can do anything up to BT, no Dino at this time. At any point in time there is generally a comp clan (currently Divergent) who manage to attain various levels of success up to Gele until ten...

Re: Ward and Lure Rings

+1 It's too difficult to find lure rings, my pierce ring is a +5 that dropped from an ow boss and even that took months to find. I don't really see why lure rings should be so hard to come by tbh they feel like they should be mob drops from CG/tower as I wouldn't really want to add more stuff to the...

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