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Re: which clan is stronger?

Lol I stand by every word, all true. Your petty insults can't deflect the fact that you've continually taken from Belenus on every level for years. Maybe only one of the toons you play you leveled yourself, you've continually participated in sophisticated scam rings with coocoo, Mochilla, Eliade and...

Re: which clan is stronger?

IMO what makes Elem so much stronger is moral terrptitude, while being nice to people is well "nice" it's not a requirement it's not nessacary for a strong moral fiber. Elem sets a clear line about what's acceptable on the server and what's not. Meaning that there is an expectation of hone...

Re: idea #2 gods of the arena

It mystifies me that people like Robbo are quick to poopoo any mention of upgrading pvp content in ch. it's as if they fear their campers will abandon their positions and jump to the nonsensical pvp dark side. Type As will never get it. Pvp is fun!!! One of the biggest reasons people leave game is b...

Re: I need an xfer

How's that coming Zkills? Bc I'm pretty sure you're still like 111 ( same level for years now) and you might have attacked me in the arena and I autoed you. I was standing and looked away from the screen. When I looked back your lifeless corpse was there and I was at full health.

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