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Re: Return to Carrowmore Tunnels! - Halloween Mini Event!

The prior events before OTM stopped doing them we had 5 hour respawns with 10m windows. Why not go back to that model or remove the window completelly? Cuz this isnt for a whole season or whatever. Its 2 days therefore they should spawn more :) 3 days actually. But with a 1 hour window, thats aroun...

Re: Return to Carrowmore Tunnels! - Halloween Mini Event!

Sounds good but plz not a 1h window. As someone suggested use the same thing as the last carrow event where it spawns exactly after 4hrs. Also as someone else said throw necro in too :p Osan sucks imo This screws all the medium to small clans. Not really good for anyone but massive clans and unfair...

Re: Thanks To OTM

Got offended much? Not as much as you did when you couldn't kill me ;) Yeah ur right. I couldn't kill a running druid as a tank. That's makes me washed. Worry about ur 1500 drops that got finesse from ur old leader Sounds like the fools i deal with when trying to complete the daily in arena. They a...

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