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Re: Drop rates

Lorhad Owens wrote:So I haven’t played in a looooong time but I’m thinking of coming back. I wanna buy plat but I want to know if they released the rates yet.

Not that I'm aware of but I can assure you drop rates have not improved whatsoever.

Re: Tiers

was wondering if you could make it so that when you want to switch which tier you choose theres a reset button I recently checked my stats and seen that im 1- friendly with reavers but minus 3-with Liches I have no idea how that happened shouldn't it be when your friendly with 1 your minus with the...

Re: Snorri

Since last reset when servers crashed on fingals we have only had one 6 star snorri spawn , anyone else have this issue ? And will admins please look into it ty I've had other issues with things seeming to be nerfed. I'm willing to bet there's something funky going on. I've only received one gold m...

Re: Other games and hobbies

Hey folks, Thought it would be interesting to talk about what other related hobbies you all had, are people interested in other fantasy things D&D, Warhammer, Warcraft, Cthulu etc? Just video games or do any of you play RP, tabletop miniatures or board games? Strategy board games are great but ...

Re: Old Player, Need Help

Welcome back to the game! Yeah there have been a huge number of changes since the good old days. Like Mdunc said, the Celtic Heroes Tavern ( celticheroes.info ) has some really useful info on it, though it may take some digging through pages to find it. The Celtic Heroes Database ( celticheroesdb.c...

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