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Re: best items

greater earthstone helm (i wish if was radiant lol), radiant earthstone oak bracelet (250 hp) and black mask of lugh.

the items allow me to keep low vit and mask is awesome because I hate my face lol

Re: No class plate set

Alphachicken wrote:
Croquette wrote:you also are missing the main hand.. i had a steady falchion and plate helm but sold both
one or two people have full embossed on crom.

One of them is me :D

wow, full? nice!

and I think classed embossed still drops...

Re: ign names

Alphachicken wrote:
Jaster wrote:I dont know him ^ Someone please call security.

Dont listen to jaster hes a **** sometimes lol. Im alpha9 :)

you mean always...

I'm newton

Re: Rarest mob you've ever seen!

well... I have heard of VERY RARE human bosses in full warden spawning in lir's... also a boss in full ancient plate armour in shalemont... but since no one has ever posted a screenshot, I believe these are just like legends. http://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=29477&p=21...

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