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Re: Hi im new, well almost

Loco cola wrote:Alright :) just quote me on this and give your stats/skills/gear and I can give suggestions

Strength 5
Dex 54
Focus 272
Vitality 214
fire bolt 25/25
lure of fire 12/25
energy shield 20/25
energy boost 12/25
fire storm 15/25 (currently outing all skill points in to this one)
fire attunement 25/25

Re: New Zone Beta?

Hi all I'm still new to the game, when it comes to beta's how do they work? What I mean is any levels and rewards you get from the beta do they disappear once the alpha goes live or do you keep everything?

Re: Lag

I'm not sure if I'm experiencing lag or something else, generally I see mounts with no people riding them and others players jump around a lot. using spells seems to look like its taking ages to charge then I get Xp and the monster is dead but I don't se it. I have tried the lowest settings but it i...

Re: Hi im new, well almost

Heya there :) If you need any advice on mage, feel free to send me a pm or quote me directly here; Also wondering, are you an ice or fire mage? Hope you're having fun. Game is very fun and addictive if you get into a clan with a lot of friends who are active at bosses. I've played for 4 years now a...

Hi im new, well almost

Hi everyone I must say I love this game, I started playing very recently maybe 4-8 weeks ago and I'm hooked. I choose a mage as my first character, still not sure if that was a good idea yet. I'm always on throughout the day and most evenings, I'm always looking for a levelling partner. I'm not sure...

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