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Re: Server Best For Me? Help?

Everything you said points into Direction of Epona. If you go on Epona sub forum you could Read “All about Epona” But basics are.. We are the only None Competitive Server. What I mean by that is you can be clanless, or be in a clan it doesn’t matter. But as long as you show up to the boss you pretty...

Re: Servers have been restarted to improve lag issues

I don’t wanna be the kind of person that wants to say “I will not buy platinum till Issue is fixed” but like legit. I am about to put half a grand during Black Friday.. how can I enjoy my purchase when I was trying to oog a friend that xfered from Taranis when I couldn’t even cast a skill.. I know t...

Developer Team 2


I was wondering for how long have you guys have had 2 developer teams. And why was it just now revealed to us? Because we as players love the fact that there is more people ! And people like Tadaaah are here to fix the hole between Developers and Player.

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