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Re: Account conflicted

Nero93122 wrote:Are you an admin?

No. Admins are players with Red Names.
But by posting your username it puts you at risk of getting scammed. It seems that many admins are slowly going on the Holiday Break So replays might be slower than they usually are.

Re: Lost account

Hi, Indeed I may have missed it :( Thx for the speedy answer btw. I've just sent the answers in game. How can I see if the support contact me in game ? Cause I never used to support before so I don't now how it work. Do I receive a mail ? Do I have to open a special menu or anything ? Cheers When S...

Christmas Forum Theme

I would like to say Thank You to whoever did this! It looks very good. Matter of fact.. I was on forums during my class (Information Technology) and I had a lot of people come up wondering what it was. It got attention of 6 people that said they will check the game out!!

Lag caused by Growth Charm..

11/27/17 5:16 game clock. Player named [REMOVED] on Server Epona spends 20 minutes making castle lagg. He keeps taking Charm off and on off and on and somehow it works.. it’s like .05 seconds delay on everything it’s bad. His reason for this was “trying to get rid of castle campers” He is the dude t...

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