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Re: Hi Donn!!!

I'd like to see Mean vs Hazardous. It would be fun to watch and I'd give the edge to Mean.

Of course the show-stopper would be Harry vs Dovakin in full tank mode. Neverending battle :)

Hi Donn!!!

Darn, Donn is always so quiet on the forums. If you had to see a 1v1 PVP match on Donn who would it feature? And who would win?

Re: Mulder

Hrung drops a shards, bolt, & storm skull but not a blast one. Maybe Necro was to balance this out? Dude that's a crazy Sig i like it Aww thanks man! I don't normally do forums because mostly they provide nothing more than a place for bickering & flaming & trolling. I do like to post &a...

Re: Server issues

How does that even happen???[/quote]

Simple, it's a small shift in the vortex fractal imaging sequence quotient. But can be easily repaired by manipulating the inverse coefficient of the logarithmic function generator. Flux capacitor....fluxing.

Re: Update

Zyz wrote:
boymclir wrote:Please add autoplay, autoquest and autokill mobs on next update. And add clan wars.

+1 and they should make it to where you can just pick what level you want to be and automatically get the best gear without even logging in.


Re: Pitty identety thefts

BazettaWraith wrote:If your not paranoid your already being played by more than one person. This type of scam is so old guys... The person responsible is probably someone you think you know really well. Welcome to Celtic Heroes.

It is sadly. Nobody likes to work hard anymore for things.

Re: Lures

Hi, I am lvl 211 fire Mage and had maxed my fire lure at 50. Recently heard that other mages only put 20-25 in there as it has the same affect, I wonder how others think about or has this been tested recently. I don't swap gears often apart from my EDL Helm or hrung +8 firestorm Helm Also wondering...

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