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Re: Fake clans

Aileron wrote:Just report them and have support take care of it. There is no positive intent for impersonating someone or a clan. That's all that should be needed for an account or device ban.

Never....ever....works. Jus sayin'

Re: Fake clans

That's just sad man. I suspect this will happen on many servers. As with any MMO there are tons of people who feel slighted by a clan and seek revenge to sully that clan with falsehoods or embellishments. The smart folks are the ones who breeze right past that nonsense & gain the truth by their ...

Re: NewAuctionHouse

Aspire invites you to login and play and kill stuff and meet friends and go on quests and form groups and do raids and and and and. Much more fun than auction houses.

Re: Bob's Fire Mage Guide

Nice post Bob! Very informative & a good source for those fire mages on their way to endgame. I'm glad someone took the time to put all this down on paper (even more glad it wasn't me hahaha!)

Re: Pitty identety thefts

One of these people that does this is in conc.... Her name is zappa. She lies and impersonates people to get what she wants. She has a following of people that beleive her lies. Ice rogue being one of them. She also continues harrasing any player that exposes her and sits in castle all day starting...

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