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Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

Looks like this World Cup was written for France. Don't see England or Croatia beating them. Still hopeful for the three lions :mrgreen: Rip England, hope France wins We overachieved. A Croatia win would be more fitting as it would be their first World Cup, but France winning would be a good thing ...

Re: Best BT Kill by Resurgence

Personally, I think Epona’s sub 10 minute kill is more impressive than Arawn’s sub 15. 9min / 70 toons vs 15min / 52 toons. You have to keep in mind that 52 single loggers have similar output compared to around 80 toons. The disparity becomes even more glaring at a raid like Bloodthorn where there ...

Re: Questions about seeds

Honestly we've been trying to decide which class to prioritize but we've decided to collect two and upgrade someone fully vs handing out tier 9s. I think we may go with the person getting the BT kills before moving to more competition based decisions, but it's a leadership decision and not rolled. ...

Re: Question surrounding BT helms

We all already know how amazing the drop rates are in this game. (I can count Gwydion’s gele tank axes on one hand, like one void poison helm on all server) The helms being class bound is going to make this a little more ugly. Which server has a void moon? Thought u didn't even need a hand I though...

Re: Politics in Celtic

Zkills wrote:Who cares about ingame politics lol, I just play to have fun. It is just a game after all

But it affects you and everyone you know.

Same people said who cares about politics in the 2016 election and look what we got.

Re: World Progress

Gwydion is an interesting server. It’s definitely not the biggest population wise, Epona and arawn win that title easily. On top of that the server isn’t super crazy about enforcing strict bossing activity requirements, it’s really laid back, feels like an actual game and not a lifestyle. But even ...

Re: Politics in Celtic

My thinking is that Marxism is theoretically the ideal system to have, but greed and the rich dictates most things in the world, so as gamers, in charge of whole servers, which are tiny worlds on their own, we build our own utopia.

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