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Ow water unfishable

I’m a relative new fisher and just migrated to ow waters, I was told pre unity that it was difficult to fish here due to the water color but post unity is almost impossible to see fishing spots, I thought it was just me but a clannie of mine (lvl 186 fishing) told me today that it’s 100% worse now t...

Re: New item drop locations

Clan member also found an Ursa brace on this mob at the path to large area in Sv https://i.postimg.cc/3NQ2HKwr/0-C1532-CC-A3-C6-45-A2-982-B-CC3-F198-D84-DA.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/MTQ14cqr/1894-C5-CE-3317-4-F3-F-A480-3-D3-FD93-A4-E75.jpg I guess I’m kinda confused on this bear... is it something w...

Re: New Arena thoughts

I’ve never been into Celtic pvp, especially 1v1’s but this new arena has me hooked, love the aspect and just being able to see what other servers gear compares to gwydion, and I love the elite gladiator, I have killed twice but haven’t gotten or seen the new helm it speaks of, if someone has gotten ...

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