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Re: Poison weapon vs Fast reflexes

im only 74 so i can't max it for now but im just asking because i can in the future as i have spare points. I saw many similar,previous posts but none of them were conclusive. Some say to use one of them or both but i wont have enough skill points for both.

Yeah i will pick dex.

Poison weapon vs Fast reflexes

I want to level fast with my rogue so the skills i will use are shadow strike, life steal, riposte and quick strike. However i'm not sure whether i should use poison weapon or fast reflexes for the last skill.

I also want to know whether a dex or a strength build is better for these skills?

What to do?

Im a level 68 ranger. I am currently a dex ranger but i got the 'bow of winter king' from auction house. I cannot equip it because i need 100 strength but should i bother buying a book of rebirth and alteration to become a strength ranger with the bow. In the forums it says that its better to become...

Re: Ice mage?

In balor it sells for 150k+ so i have no hope of buying it for now. I will become firemage once i get it.

Ice mage?

I have a couple of questions. Im a level 50 mage and is it worth it to be an ice mage or is hybrid better for levelling because i don't have firestorm and don't want to waste points on fire attunement to be a fire mage. Should i bother buying ice blast for 10k and ice attune for 4k? Im on balor btw....

E boost vs Energy well

As you can see from the title which skill gives more energy? Im levelling so a battle last only upto 30 - 35 seconds. This is not related to the post above but what is a good alternative to firestorm in a fire mage build because i don't have firestorm. Please list all the skills that i should use be...

Auction House Prices are too low

Im pretty new and my ranger is only 65. I don't buy plat so i have little gold. I needed lux so i decided to merchandise instead of farming(i hate farming). I decided to buy lixes and discs for a low price and sell it for a higher price. As you can see by the title there was an issue, people were se...

Repeatable quests

I have read in a couple of places that repeatable quests are a good way to level up. I don't know who gives these quests so it would help if you guys let me know what repeatable quests are good for what level and where they are. BTW i am a level 60 ranger.

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