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Re: I Remember and I Miss stuff

For me, it would be all the cool events and things like you said but also some of the really cool little things seeing stonevale the first time, first time getting a mount lol seeing certain bosses the first time. Maybe the best was eventually getting wings or cape and flying somewhat lol! I really ...

Re: The new Aeon Chests

I love that aspect of the game also, I'm happy new chests came out adding some spice to the game. I hope they continue to try to keep improving with events new content etc. Rime bound chests were not very exciting at all. Now if I can just get past the log screen.......

Re: New chests?

All in all I love the game and have played a long time. At this point all I hope for is chests with something decent and cool inside them. Make it the way it was, with mounts and cool fashion

Re: Revival Chests

This sucks. I thought the chests would make the game more fun. I have a lot of nice items that may have diminished in value. Big deal its a game. It would have been fun. Like news to people... The gold you think you have isn't real gold. Its game. A game for fun. Good job ruining it

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