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Re: Double Plat and 1.5x XP

U guys need to use your head your a developer ffs, 150% xp over the xmas holiday -.- your really bad at doing these mini events. #BringbackOTM Sigh..... Apparently VR isn't allowed any breathing room. They have done loads better than OTM handling this game in just the short amount of time they have...

Re: Best tank pet?

It all depends on your situation. If your clan struggles with druids a bunny is great for the extra healing. If your clan does not struggle with druids I recommend a boar or pheonix. Pheonix- 240 Vit and focus, 1000 fortitude band warding (two most important evasions for tanks), 190 to all resists w...

Re: Question

There is also Divine damage. It also adds flat damage straight to your stats page. It is the best damage for mobs with a chaos aura as it is unresisted damage. For mobs without a chaos aura though it has no effect.

Re: Rend

Rend is honestly an awesome skill, will vr ever make gear for it? There is very few gear for rend only thing i can think of from the back of my head is mordy rings.... we deriously need more rend gear There isn't a ton of rend gear. There is mord rings as well as rings from CG that are exactly like...

Re: bugs

Quite possibly did the icons just go invisible on your icon bar under your health bar? I know whenever I use a lix the icons just go invisible. As for your mount you most likely died, you don't instantly log out when you hit log out. You stand in place for a couple seconds still being able to take ...

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