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Re: CG oh T8vsT10

Any way warriors could at least get a skill description with our offy? Offhand Axe: https://i.postimg.cc/6qVVphK0/Screenshot-20190105-131501-Celtic-Heroes.jpg Offhand Shield: https://i.postimg.cc/LsZ1sVB1/Screenshot-20190105-131445-Celtic-Heroes.jpg I have both lol can you explain in detail what th...

Re: All Servers are Broke

Curry30423 wrote:
Wardon-CH wrote:Can't cast skills, can't use consumvakes, can't damage mobs, icons under health/energy bar do not show up. Chat and leystones work, menus work.

I'm guessing a reset is in the works?

U don’t even log :(

I log Epona ._. and I logged herne to see if it was broken as well as Epona.

Re: Class decision

With lots of access to plat items, mainly restos, rogue is by far the easiest and fastest to lvl. Without a ton of access to plat items but with the resources you have, Warrior will be the easiest. Warriors have great damage while lvling with none of their damage skills behind hindered by mob aggro ...

Re: Current Tank Stats // Opinions?

Pheonix is 100% best tank pet in game. I have personally used a huntsman and I get about 400 extra defence which in comparison to 150 Vit and 300 to all evasions I wouldn't even bother with the huntsman, I think they are overrated. Godly BT SW ring with 3 other Godly Shielding rings is the ideal rin...

Re: Current Tank Stats // Opinions?

Honestly nothing to really change besides getting a pheonix and swapping your huntsman for another lich ring. I ran 4 on my tank. As for my stats: https://i.postimg.cc/x8TR7jGd/Screenshot-20181229-235228-Celtic-Heroes.jpg Gear wise I have: Shadow Vit Mord Spear, Shadow Knights Helm, t8 CG Shield, ED...

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